Store Policy

Formation of a Shopping Service User Agreement

1. The Shopping Service User Agreement (the “User Agreement”) shall be formed upon the Company’s acceptance of an application for the use of shopping services, from a person who intends to use the shopping services provided by the Company. The Company will notify its intent to accept the application by disclosure of such intent on the relevant webpage for the Services or by email or otherwise.
2. A person who intends to use the shopping services shall agree to the Terms and Conditions and enter necessary information in the form application for membership as provided by the Company.
3. An applicant shall apply for the membership in his/her/its real name. If anyone applies for the membership in a name other than his/her/its real name or by misappropriating another’s information, such applicant may be restricted from using the Services or penalized pursuant to applicable laws and regulations.
4. Applications will be handled on the first-come-first-served basis, and admission to the membership will become effective at the time when the acceptance by the Company is received by the Member.
5. The Company may withhold or refuse its acceptance of an application in any of the following cases:
1) if in the Company’s real-name verification process, it is found that the application is not made in real name;
2) if the name and resident (or business) registration number in the application are the same as those of an existing Member;
3) if reapplied within two (2) months from the Company’s termination of the User Agreement;
4) if reapplied by a Member that is subject to the membership suspension or other action by the Company, during the suspension or other applicable period;
5) if the facilities/equipment cannot afford or if there is technical difficulty; and
6) if the application is found to be unlawful, unfair or in violation of the Terms and Conditions, or if it is deemed necessary to do so in the Company’s reasonable judgment.

Change and Protection of Personal Information

1. A Member may not provide false information when applying for the membership, and in the event of any change in the information provided when applying for the membership, the Member must immediately update the information. As a general rule, a Member’s name, ID and resident registration number and the like may not be changed, unless permitted by applicable laws and regulations.
2. Notification to the Member by the Company shall be considered complete when the notice is delivered to the address or e-mail address provided by the Member. Any damages arising out of the failure to update information must be borne solely by the relevant Member, and the Company shall not be held liable for any such damages.
3. The Company will not use any information provided by the Member for the execution of a User Agreement, for any purpose other than its operation of the Services as consented to by the Member If a new purpose of use arises or for the disclosure of the information to a third party, the Company shall notify the purpose(s) of use or disclosure of the Member’s information (as the case may be) and obtain separate consent from the Member in the phase of the use or disclosure of the Member’s information; provided, however, this shall not be the case if prescribed otherwise by applicable laws and regulations.
4. The Company shall not pre-check the consent box for the collection, use, and provision of personal information as a default. The Company shall also enumerate the services that will be limited to the Member should the Member refuse to consent to the collection, use and provision of personal information, and the Company shall not limit or refuse to provide membership service to any Member who wishes to use the shopping services on the account of the Member refusing to provide consent to the disclosure of any non-essential personal information.
5. To protect Member’s personal information, in the event the Company needs to provide the Member’s personal information to a third party, the Company shall obtain consent from the Member by disclosing to the Member the items of personal information to be provided, the name of the third party, the purpose of the use of the personal information by the third party, and the duration of retention of the personal information. In the event the Company outsources the processing of the Member’s personal information to a third party, it shall establish a privacy policy in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, designate a privacy officer of the Company, and disclose and operate the privacy policy.

Control over ID and Passwords

1. Each Member shall be responsible for the control over his/her/its ID and Password, and may in no event assign or lend any of them to a third party.
2. Each Member and each user shall take the responsibility for any and all damages and losses arising out of the leak, assignment or lending of a Member’s ID or Password, that occurs due to a cause that is not attributable to the Company.
3. If a Member becomes aware of the theft, or unauthorized use by a third party, of his/her/its ID or Password, the Member shall immediately notify the Company thereof and the Company shall exert its best efforts to handle the situation promptly.

Termination of the User Agreement

1. Termination by members:
1) A Member may terminate the User Agreement at any time by notifying the Company of the Member’s intent to terminate it through the applicable service webpage; provided that the Member has taken necessary actions to consummate any and all transactions at least seven (7) days prior to the date of the termination notice.
2) A Member shall be solely responsible for any consequences arising out of a termination notice sent within the said period, and upon termination of the User Agreement, the Company may withdraw all benefits additionally granted to the Member by the Company.
3) If a Member who has terminated the User Agreement intends to use the Services later again, the Member’s use of the Services will not be permitted unless the Member notifies the Company of his/her/its new intent to use the Services and the Company accepts the offer.
2. Termination by the Company:
1) The Company may terminate the User Agreement in the event of occurrence or finding of the following:
 i) violation of, infringement upon or damage to the rights, reputation, credit or any other interest of any other Member or third party, or breach of Korean laws/regulations or public order and good morals;
 ii) obstruction of or any try to impede the proper processing of the Services provided by the Company;
 iii) finding that there is a reason for refusal under Section 6.5 hereof; or  
 iv) circumstances in which the Company finds it necessary, in its reasonable judgment, to refuse the provision of the Services.
2) If the Company terminates the User Agreement with a Member, the Company will notify the Member of its intent of termination by disclosing the reason(s) for termination by e-mail, by phone or otherwise. The User Agreement shall be terminated at the time when the Company notifies the Member of its intent of termination.
3) Even if the Company terminates the User Agreement, these Terms and Conditions shall continue to apply with respect to the consummation of a sale and purchase contract entered into on or before the termination.
4) When the User Agreement is terminated pursuant to this Article, the Company may withdraw all benefits additionally granted to the Member by the Company.
5) If the User Agreement is terminated pursuant to this Section, the Company may refuse to accept the Members’ re-application.

Term and Suspension of Provision of the Services

1. The term of the provision of the Services will begin from the date on which use of the Services are applied for, and ends on the date of termination of the User Agreement.
2. The Company may suspend its provision of the Services temporarily upon the occurrence of a justifiable event, including without limitation, the maintenance, repair, examination, replacement of information and communications facilities (such as computers), or if such facilities are out of order; provided that the fact and reasons for temporary suspension of the Services shall be notified on the initial landing page of KLONECT.
3. The Company may restrict or temporarily suspend its provision of the Services if it is unable to provide the Services due to an act of God or a force majeure event equivalent thereto.

Service Usage Fees

The Company may provide various services needed for the freedom of e-commerce between the Members and charge certain fees therefor (i.e., service usage fees) pursuant to its internal policies.

Execution of Contracts and Payment of Purchase Prices

1. A sale and purchase contract will be executed by a Member offering to purchase a given item on the Terms and Conditions of sales suggested by a Seller and by the Seller’s acceptance of the Buyer’s offer.
2. The Company will provide methods for payment of the purchase price in cash, by credit card, or by other means.
3. The Buyer will enter information relating to the payment of the purchase price at his/her/its own responsibility, and shall solely take any and all liabilities and disadvantages arising out of the information entered by the Buyer in relation to the payment of the purchase price.
4. The Company may cancel a transaction without the consent of any Member, if the purchase price is not paid within a certain time period after the order is placed.
5. The Company will take measures to allow the Buyer to check the contents of the executed sale and purchase contract on the webpage of “My page,” and will provide guidance on how to cancel the contract and the relevant procedures.
6. The Company may check whether the Buyer is lawfully entitled to use the payment means used when paying the purchase price. The Company may suspend the transaction until the completion of confirmation of the buyer’s right to such use, or cancel the transaction if it is impossible to obtain such confirmation.
7. The amount actually paid by the Buyer shall be an amount (actual purchase price) remaining after applying to the original price (set by the Seller), any basic usage fees, discount coupons applicable to the particular item, delivery fees, details of an option (in the case of an option item) and so on.
The proof of purchase (i.e. cash payment receipts, tax invoices, credit card sales slips, etc.) will be issued to show the amount of the actual purchase price.

Discount Coupon

1. The Company or the Seller may issue discount coupons under which a Member using the shopping services may get discount at a certain rate or in a certain amount when the Member makes a purchase. Discount coupons refer to all item discounts and Buyer Coupons.
2. The Member shall use discount coupons for the Member’s own purchase only, and shall in no event sell or transfer any of them in substance to another; provided that the Company may allow transfer of discount coupons on certain Terms and Conditions of transfer as prescribed by the Company, in which case the Member may transfer them on such Terms and Conditions only.
3. Use of discount coupons may be subject to limitations depending on the item or price of goods or services. No discount coupon may be used after the expiry of its valid term.
4. If the purchased items are returned or if the purchase is cancelled, after any discount coupon is used in relation to the underlying purchase, as a general rule, a used discount coupon may be reused; provided that reuse may be impossible in certain cases prescribed by the Company’s internal rules, such as, cancellation of a purchase due to simple change of mind, etc.

Management of Users

1. The Company may take the following actions with respect to a Member who has violated these Terms of Use, applicable laws and general principles of commercial transactions:
1) withdrawal of benefits (in part or in whole) provided by the Company additionally; 2) restriction upon the use of certain services;  3) termination of a User Agreement; and  4) bringing a claim for damages.
2. If the Company intends to take any action provided in the foregoing section against a Member, the Company must in advance notify the Member thereof by phone or by email, and if inevitable (such as, if it is impossible to reach such Member or in an emergency situation), the Company may notify the Member after taking the action.
3. A Member may raise an objection to the action (to be) taken by the Company hereunder, if the Member has a reason for such objection.

Prohibited Activities

1. Direct Dealing
1) For the safety of transactions, neither a Seller nor a Buyer may enter into any direct dealing or may avoid using the Escrow Service provided by the Company. Any party to a direct dealing shall enter into such direct dealing at its own responsibility for any and all issues and problems arising out of the direct dealing. The Company shall in no way be responsible for any such issue or problem.
2) If a Seller is found to have entered into or to have induced to enter into a direct dealing, a sales service user contract with the Seller may be terminated. Any Member may report to the Safe Trade Center operated by the Company, a Seller that has entered into or induced to enter into a direct dealing.
2. System-related Misbehavior
1) No one may use the Services or access to the system in an unusual manner without utilizing the process and method provided by the Company for the use of Services is prohibited.
2) If any system-related misbehavior is found by the Company, the Company may cancel benefits (whether in part or in whole) additionally provided by the Company, placing restrictions on the offender’s use of certain services, terminate a User Agreement and take any other actions. If any damages arising out of the misbehavior, the Company may demand the offender to compensate for all such damages.
3. Settlement-related Misbehavior
1) No one may use the shopping services provided by the Company in another’s name or with the information on another’s credit card, bank account, and the like.
2) No one may conduct unusual settlement in a manner prohibited by applicable laws (such as, the Specialized Credit Financial Business Act), e.g., lending or borrowing funds to or from another in the guide of sales of goods or provision of services. If any such misbehavior is found by the Company, the Company may terminate a User Agreement or suspend the transaction concerned and report it to the competent authority.
3) No one may conduct a purchase without any intent to actually make a purchase (e.g., where no delivery follows the purchase). If any such misbehavior is found by the Company, the Company may cancel the transactions concerned and impose sanctions depending on the circumstances.
4. Re-selling
The Company may place restrictions on Members who are confirmed to have violated the prohibition on re-selling (first violation: a warning; second violation: suspended use for a certain period; third violation: permanent suspension), and the Company may request compensation if the Members’ actions result in damages.
5. Other Prohibited Activities
1) No Member may conduct any activity that causes damages or losses to the Company and interferes the fostering of fair market environment, by entering into unusual multiple transactions by utilization of discount rates, and the like, provided by the Company. If any such misbehavior is found by the Company, the Company may cancel the transactions concerned and impose sanctions (including suspension of entering into any transaction) depending on the circumstances.
2) The Company may suspend a Member’s eligibility/membership or refuse or limit the provision of services in any of the following events and may take other necessary measures to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, protect the rights of third parties, secure the safety of the website, etc.
 i) Export or re-export of KLONECT or tools in violation of export-related laws and regulations, rules or restrictions.
 ii) Commercialization of data and software related to KLONECT.

Relationship between Rules to Comply and Applicable Laws and Regulations

1. Any matters not provided in the Terms and Conditions shall be governed by e- Commerce Act, any other applicable laws and regulations, and general commercial practices.
2. For transactions executed through the shopping service provided by the Company, e- Commerce Act and other applicable laws and regulations shall primarily apply to the parties to the transactions, and neither party may not claim release of its liabilities in reliance with the Terms and Conditions.
3. If necessary, the Company may set out separate terms that apply to specific services (“Individual Terms”) and post the Individual Terms on the KLONECT homepage or otherwise for advance notification.
4. Amendment of the Individual Terms provided will be effective 14 days after initially posted on the initial landing page of KLONECT, and will be posted for a 14-day period until the date immediately preceding the effective date.
5. Member shall pay attention to any changes to the Terms and Conditions, and the Individual Terms, and when any amendment thereto is posted, Members shall review and check them.



1. As a mail-order intermediary, the Company only provides a transaction system that is based on the KLONECT platform. Parties to a transaction shall be responsible in the event of any disputes arising in connection with any transaction using the KLONECT transaction system.
2. Absent willful misconduct or gross negligence of the Company, the Company shall not be liable for any damages suffered by a Member or a third party due to temporary suspension of the Services pursuant to section 2 of the Terms and Suspension of Provision of the Services.
3. If the Company restricts or suspends the Services pursuant to section 3 of the Terms and Suspension of Provision of the Services, the Company shall on grounds of a force majeure event be released from any liability for damages.
4. The Company shall not be liable for any disruption or other interruption in the use of the Services that has arisen for a reason attributable to a Member.
5. The Company shall in no event be liable for any damages whatsoever, arising from a Member’s disclosure or provision of the Member’s personal information to another.


1. The Company may, if necessary, change or suspend certain Services (or part thereof) temporarily or permanently by providing advance notice on the homepage of its website.
2. Neither the Company nor Members shall transfer any rights and obligations under the Terms and Conditions to a third party without the express consent of the other party.
3. All agreements, memoranda of understanding, notices and other instruments additionally executed between the parties and any and all notices to Members by the Company by posting on KLONECT pursuant to changes in the Company’s policies, enactment and amendment of laws and regulations, public announcements and guidelines of the authorities, and the like, shall constitute part of the Terms and Conditions.